Monday, January 23, 2012

DATE #25, 26, 27 and... 28...

I never should have called him a hipster. He's not a hipster, not even close. And he's not really an accountant. He has his own business, he does his own thing. He's not like any other guy I've dated, probably ever. I mean, he doesn't look like them or act like them or speak like them and he's forever not what I imagined I'd go for, but what the hell do I know? Except that I'm totally sweet on him right now...

There are no types, no standards, or rules or guidelines or need for explanations. What's to explain? If I told you how he wooed me, you'd be bored (or maybe not... but I actually don't want to share this story). I mean, you already know I kissed him on the 2nd date - there was something there and I couldn't help it, but it took 5 more for him to kiss me back... and now I think about it and I don't care. What I care about is one day at a time, that he makes me laugh today, that he looks at me in his own way, that I don't have to been anyone else but me. Whether that's the sarcastic bitchy me, or the sweet and tender me (yep, surprisingly she exists).

Maybe we're trying to build something or maybe we're just two boats passing through the same stretch of sea, doesn't matter. Here there are no expectations, no desires for white weddings and ducks in suburbia. It's all about the now, and being with someone who is nice. Imagine that, a nice guy who doesn't spend more time in the mirror than me, who doesn't want to split the check, who could care less about hanging out in the swankest of bars with the lousiest of company... but a nice guy who wants to just be with me. Go figure.

On February 9th 2012 it will be exactly 2 years since I started this mission. Six months ago I'd have said, or actually did say, that I failed. But what is failure if not a chance for a new beginning? A fresh start to succeed?

Six months ago, I met this nice guy, three months ago we went out for drinks on a snowy Halloween and he's texting me right now to have sweet dreams... I feel like I can finally put this blog to bed. I may not have set out to catch a fish for keeps but at least now I'm not afraid to navigate the seas (though I'm not fishing anymore, haha). No matter what happens, I can say I gave dating a chance, I opened the doors to opportunity and in that my mission was a success. I'm maybe a better person for it, maybe nicer, maybe less judgmental (but probably not), but definitely more open-minded and still a ridiculous romantic at heart.

I greatly appreciate those of you who have followed along, have read this blog from time to time, who have urged me to date more or sent men my way... it's bizarre looking back to think of all this personal information I have spilled out on the web for the world (or all 12 of you). I'm not sure I'll ever do this again, but I'm glad I did. So, thank you for being there for me (and all the hims...)

Signing off,

no longer single G*Star

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